Available Courses

Completely self-contained E-Learning Course Offerings


  • Who are these courses for?

    These courses are designed with everyday business professionals in mind - from all industries, at all levels. So the materials are not swayed towards consulting, or sales/marketing. Importantly its the Concepts, Functions, and Mechanisms that are important to take on board and then applied back to your own work.

  • How are the Online courses different to the In-Class courses?

    Both have their pro's and con's. But we still like to think that our in-class workshops are the 'premier' version where you would get the 'human touch'. In-class means instant feedback and help, interaction from others, greater variety of exercises and so on. For online, these are at their best when they can be self-contained; and application courses are probably best suited to this.

  • Can I get a refund?

    No. So please ensure you read through the terms and conditions clearly. And make sure before you buy that these are the right courses for you and your needs.

  • Can I view any materials before I decide?

    Yes. Please click on the course you're interested in and open the Course Curriculum to find some sample (preview) videos. Course materials are dynamic and therefore could be changed and updated frequently. This is because of the nature of online learning and changing business environments.

  • What should I not expect from these courses?

    They are not designed to make you 'Designer of the Year' or Strategist of the Century' or any of the type of boasts you might commonly hear promoting online courses. They are down-to-earth, real-world examples and exercises of the type of work you may face in your own day-to-day. Some courses will require continued practice (like most things) to improve proficiency; so we won't guarantee 'instant' success. We're realists and pragmatic.

  • How long will I be able to access the courses for?

    When payment is made, you will have 1 year (365 days) in which to access and complete the course.

  • Are you a real company?

    Yes we are. It might sound odd to have this in the FAQ, but we do get asked. Sadly, there are many dubious online businesses out there. Impress Training in based in Singapore and was established in 2008. The 'Online' version (this website) was established to host our web-based courses. If you have any questions or seek clarifications, or are looking for in-class courses based in Singapore; you can find our main website at www.impresstraining.com or contact us at [email protected]

  • Can our Organisation enroll batches of People to enroll?

    Yes, for more information on the process and pricing you can contact Impress Training directly at [email protected]

  • Why is the Online Course in USD?

    Because these can be joined by people from around the world, therefore USD is the easiest currency for the majority to make payments.